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Aresov Pesnik

I started making rap songs with some of my friends.This is just for fun I’m not artist or anything. It is on Serbian if anyone wants Ill make English version too.

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Fun facts about Google

1.  Google has a pet T-rex, named Stan, which lives at their California headquarters. Founders bought it to remind the employees to not let Google go extinct. 2. One of the biggest leap in search…


Fun Facts about Shaka Zulu

1. Shaka Zulu introduced the ikwla, a weapon with a shorter sphere and a longer spearhead, sort of like a sword. This weapon gave Shaka’s warriors a huge advantage over opponents when they came up…


Fun facts about North Korea

1. Marijuana is legal in North Korea and it is not considered an illegal substance in the otherwise strict country, also  the government  encourages people to grow opium on unused land to be resold abroad….


Fun facts about South Korea

1. If you lived in South Korea, you’d never have to leave home to eat. Most restaurants deliver food straight to your apartment via motorcycles . And after you’re done eating, you just put your…


Fun facts about Bosnia and Herzegovina

1. Sarajevo Film festival has become the largest and the most important event for film professionals and film lovers in this part of Europe. Many film celebrities visit Sarajevo during the Festival, enriching with their…


Fun Facts about El Salvador

1. Tropical forest and overall forest cover has expanded in the last two decades making it one of the few countries experiencing reforestation. 2. El Salvador has 177 volcanoes, 20 of them are active but…


Fun facts about Chad

1.The total area of Chad is more than twice the size of Texas i.e. 496,000 square miles ( 1, 284,000 square km). With 200 ethnic groups and over 100 spoken languages. 2.The country has never…

algerias flag

Fun facts about Algeria

1,Algeria has a total area of about 2.4 million square kilometers (919,595 square miles), but 90% of that area is covered by the Sahara desert which is inhabited by nomads. 90% of people still live…


Fun facts about Edgar Allan Poe

1. The famous creepy portrait depicting Poe as a baggy-eyed weirdo was far from what he really looked like. Actually, he was a very athletic and handsome universal sportsman, holding a record for swimming six…

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